Answer this won’t you please: Is it worth involving oneself in a political party? Is there more moral hazard in voting, or in not voting?

These questions and their rhetorical cousins are ones I see a lot of in our freedom fighting dialogues and forum wars. Minarchism versus Anarchism was (and still is) the deepest factional divide in our movement as can be seen in many unfortunate events within nearly all of our corporeal organizations.

I think the whole thing is silly – as in completely ridiculous, destructive and divisive. We libertarians deserve to treat each other better – I mean it I like you guys a lot, as fellow libertarians, you are a special kinda awesome people and deserve the best.

For me the questions I pose lead to the question the definition of community, or if you prefer society. And for that I feel that there is a common ambiguous understanding of justice, and that our society overwhelmingly expects that there will be a common core of a legal system, means that there will be a government.

It is just inevitable for any future I can see for now we are going to have cops and courts and some level of fair representational government at our liberty loving best. It is a realization that has me resigned to smaller battles with the large one: Utopia. That for me, the beauty of utopia only capable of existing as an emergent state from those smaller wins anyway.

That fact, that anarchist utopia is no where near around the corner, makes me a “minarchist” and not an anarchist. I believe in the smallest possible government necessary to support its job. I also believe that the ONLY way we are going to get that minimum is to be constantly pressing for the pure ideal… Nature can provide the opposing force. I intend to fight for ultimate freedom as an ensign of what I perceive the highest form of civilization: Community and society without violence as social motivators within.

For that I feel a “responsibility” to myself, and to my family, fellows and friends to strive towards that goal. That means interfacing with government, and with the community on terms that allow influence. Therefore to fulfill my own moral obligations I MUST vote, and I MUST engage in social education. If I do not, I am a hypocrite and all my proselytizing about freedom and liberty could be no more than public self indulgence; a most unseemly thing don’t you think?